5 Things You Should Do EVERY Sunday

Sunday-Funday!  Cocktails, patios, reality-TV marathons, maybe some house chores… OR you may be waiting for an inevitable email from the office because clients never sleep.  OK, let’s take a step back before Monday anxiety kicks in.  No matter what your life looks like, Sunday and Monday are two days keys days in everyone’s week.
We often treat Monday as the “start” of the week and Friday as the “end” of the week.  Why?  Because we define our lives, our schedules, and ourselves by a traditionally oppressive work week.
Time to shake yourself out of it.  Here are 4 things you should do EVERY Sunday to keep momentum in your life, mind and body.

1. Meal Prep
If you have ever met someone with tons of free time, please raise your hand.  [Sound of crickets]  Yep, thought so.  Meal prep will literally change your life.  It will save you time, sanity, money, and help keep you healthy.  Healthy life, healthy everything.  Make your life easier, not harder!
2. Something Special For Yourself
Treat yourself.  There is a difference between taking time for yourself and doing something special for yourself.  Time outs are great, but rewarding yourself here and there goes a long way.  Say thank you for all the hard work and energy you give the world.
3. Something Special For Your Love
Appreciate the people who support you every day.  They are your champions.  Do something for your wife, husband, mother, friend, or even your dog.
4. Reflect & Be Thankful
There is a lot to be thankful for.  Every day you set out to achieve your own goals and live to the best of your abilities.  Don’t burn out chasing your goals.  Be. Mindful.  
5. Kindle Your Fire
You can’t set a fire without a spark.  Don’t weigh yourself down with a to-do list or everything you didn’t accomplish last week.  There will be time to organize and get in the zone about what needs to happen.  It is, however, ok to take a day to kindle your fire.  Take care of yourself, your loved ones, and reflect on what your goals for happiness are.  Kindle the spark.  The fire will come…

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