A Road Warrior’s Guide to Staying Healthy

Everyone’s work week looks different.  Some of us drive, walk, or metro to work, or even saunter between rooms in a home office; BUT, some of us catch a flight and hit the road (well, sky really).  Whether you are a road warrior or just on a quick out-of-town project, sticking to fitness routines can be hard.  You are out of your planned and calorie counted element, living off take out, room service, and hotels.  If you travel for work, you know the pitfalls that come with long hours and what seem like limited options.  Your city may change, but your goals don’t need to.

Be a warrior of health while a warrior of the road.  Here is the 6-Tip Guide for a Road Warrior Health Plan!

1. Find Your Local Grocery Store

Take 10 minutes from your day and stock up! Grab the extra large bottle of water, coconut water, nuts, snacks, and whatever else you need to stay on track throughout the day.  It doesn’t matter where you are, you still need your supplies.  It fits it in your per diem, lifestyle, and schedule.  Don’t miss out on this easy set-up for success.

2. Do Your Research

There are healthy options in any city and they are closer than you realize.  Ask your clients, co-workers, and concierge for their local picks.  Enjoy some great local eats, but balance that with the local spots that give you all the nutritional values and information you track when you’re at home.  The extra research will pay off and lead to a guilt free, satisfying, foodie fitness experience in any city.

3. Strategize Wake-Up Calls

Have the front desk give you a wake-up call 30 minutes earlier than you want to be up.  You can make a lot happen in 30 minutes.  Start the day with a workout so you don’t fall in the trap of being tired and lazy after a long day of work on the road.  Long hours usually come with the territory of traveling for work, so carve out the time you need for YOU.  Oh, and if your hotel does live-calls rather than machine recordings, ask that your wake-up call say “Good morning! Time to work out!” Small detail, but a motivating jumpstart!

4. Avoid Break Room Blunders

We’ve all heard it: “Oh come on, you can have ONE piece.” Yeah, no.  Just because you’re on the road doesn’t mean your goals have changed. Temptation is everywhere.  Don’t let your dedication and mental focus change just because your scenery has.  I tell clients and co-workers that I am working hard on my goals, but I have fun with it!  Don’t be a Debbie-downer with your fitness choices when you talk about them.  If you have fun with it, the people around you will help reinforce you.

5. Bring Your Gear

I don’t remember the last time I was inside a gym, but I have a set of workout clothes and shoes in my suitcase EVERY trip I take.  A lot of hotels know that travelers, whether for business or pleasure, need a place to break a sweat.  Don’t just ask about the fitness center, find out if the hotel has a yoga studio, classes, sauna, etc.  A lot of hotels give discount vouchers to guests to enjoy a quick fitness option at a nearby business.  And, don’t forget on-demand fitness (my favorite)!  Ask for a room with a little extra space.  Move the spare lounge chair aside and connect to your online fitness video of choice.

6. Don’t Binge When You Get Home

Enough said.


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  1. Jay Colby says:

    Great tips well said!


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