Pokémon No! The cultural crack that is Pokémon Go.

Download an app and race across city blocks to catch a picture with a cute little cartoon. DONE! Well, maybe. Pokémon Go is not only a gaming phenomenon, but also a cultural shocker. It has become such a craze that even late night comics like Jimmy Fallon can’t help with make a joke or two. But, what’s with the Pokémon Go obsession?

1. It’s a Revolutionary Concept.

At the end of the day, anything that gets us up and moving can’t be a bad thing. Sure the app has temped a few people to wander into traffic, crime scenes, and trespass on private property after hours. Harmless! We can’t argue that Pokémon Go is exercise, but maybe it will remind us all that getting up and having fun is pretty great.

2.Privacy and Personal Data? Nah, I Just Hit the “Allow” Button.

Ever read what you “Allow” when you download apps on your smart phone? Most people don’t blink an eye before hitting whatever button gets them to the fun stuff.   The permissions you grant apps are more important than you realize. Do you want strangers to have the ability to data mine your personal photos, emails, and habits? Pay attention to privacy settings and when you should manually restrict your apps.

3. The Thrill of The Chase!

We like to race towards things. We like feeling a sense of achievement. We like knowing we GOT IT! Even if that “it” is a cartoon is a picture. It is ingenious! “It” is like crack. We thrive off randomness, off new apps, off anything that gives us something different in a fairly desensitized modern life.  This is the trill of Pokémon Go.

4. Onto The Next!

When I fall in love with a new hit song, I download it and play it on repeat until I find a new song to call “my jam!” Pokémon Go is YOUR jam right now, but don’t worry there will be something equally as random and absolutely wonderful next month to obsess over. I can’t app slut shame anyone for loving Pokémon Go. I get you. I do. And, I will still have your back next month when you have a new flavor of the month.


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