What The Conventions Should Remind Us, Regardless Of Party

It doesn’t matter whether you are Republican, Democrat, or somewhere between or far undefined.  This election season has ignited something in our culture.   I don’t think anyone can explain WHAT that is or WHY it is happening, but we all have a part in it.  If you are watching the conventions or just trying to watch anything but politics, this convention and election season should inspire us all to think.

1. This Country Is Worth Fighting For

The moment we step back from our communities, we lose them.  We need to shed the doom and gloom about our world.   If you aren’t satisfied, be empowered.  If you have a dream for your life, be empowered.  If you feel hunted and victimized, be empowered.  If you don’t like politics because you don’t like “politicians,” be empowered.

2. We All Have A Story

We make this country, one person at a time.  We are this county, one person and one experience at a time.  Regardless of what convention you watch or what your political beliefs are, it is hard to deny the deeply personal stories that make the fabric of our country.  This election season has told a lot of stories to those willing to listen.  These stories should prompt us to look in the mirror and ask: “What is MY story?”

3. We All Have A Place

Whatever our story, we all have a place in this great nation.  Yes, this country has problems and always will; but we are each unique pieces of this nation.  How we choose to live each day directly shapes our communities.  Our communities shape our nation.  We shape our nation every day.  As we listen to one another’s stories, we should respect what that means as part of a bigger picture.

4. Behind Politicians, There Are People

In grade school and high school, it was bizarre to see a teacher out in the “normal world” doing “normal” things.  They were a teacher and that is how we defined them.  Politicians are similar in that way.  We often see them just as politicians (or career politicians).  Politicians may have platforms to run on, but their life stories are just as important.  Our life experiences create our perspective, values, and thoughts on the world.  Leaders are shaped by their lives and those lives are worth understanding.

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