Why I Love Aly Raisman’s Parents

As many other Americans right now, I am glued to the tv watching women’s gymnastics.  This post is not about the gymnasts, but rather about their parents – actually,  Aly Raisman’s parents.

Here is the reason I love Rick and Lynn, also know as Aly Raisman’s parents:

They are so overwhelmed with love and excitement for their daughter, for their DAUGHTER’S DREAM, that they look as if they’ll throw up every time Aly is about to take the floor.

If my daughter or son were competing in the Olympics, my rollercoaster of emotions would probably be incredibly hard to contain.  The idea of a “poker face” would be an LOL moment.  In all honesty, my fiancé knows I will be just as nervous and proud (and perhaps slightly embarrassing) when our daughter or son is in the 3rd grade musical playing tree #4.  God help us (meaning me) if I have a child competing for all their dreams on the world’s stage with the best of the best.

I love every tv shot of Aly Raisman’s parents.  Their love and support is relatable to both parents and non-parents.  They may look as if they will both have a heart attack at any given moment, but hey – wouldn’t you if your little girl was kicking ass and taking names?


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