Is Taking Time for Yourself Overrated?


Why are we tempted to think it’s overrated?  Probably because we feel guilty taking time for ourselves.  Most of us are focused on high-achieving momentum and action in our lives, so why slow down?  We have enough that needs to get done without slowing the path to success, right?  Wrong.

Slow your roll.  Take time for yourself.  Take time to appreciate the life you are working so hard to build.  Take time to appreciate the people who love and support you.  Take time for the people YOU love and support.  Sometimes we need to recharge our batteries and find clarity in the chaos of chasing what we want.  To chase what we want, we need to know why it matters.

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  1. lwcaveman says:

    So? Work hard, take time to enjoy it… repeat. Sounds good to me.


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