How Seeing Britney Spears in Law Vegas Made Me a Better Person

I never thought I would utter those words.  Honestly, I am not a Britney fanatic by any means.  I am a realist, slightly skeptical, fairly serious nerd and business person who had never bought a Britney album or even a Britney song on iTunes in my life.  I did, however, buy tickets for Britney Spears’ “Piece of Me” show at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas recently.  In a romantic effort to surprise my fiancé, who IS a Britney fan, I designed a surprise Las Vegas getaway one weekend and included Britney in our plans.

When Britney performed at the Billboard Music Awards in May 2016, I wasn’t moved.  I thought to myself “good for her” and that was about it.  I couldn’t understand my fiancé’s excitement or the buzz about her performance.  I was being closed minded and superficial.  I didn’t really care.

In Las Vegas, I was excited to see the “amazing” performance I kept hearing about.  Then, she came on stage.  I have seen some great names perform in my life, but Britney Spears won me over quicker than a loss at the craps table.  Here are some seemingly obvious takeaways, and life lessons, that took me by surprise in all the best ways from her show:

 1.  Anyone Can Make a Comeback!

Holy crap.  It feels like just a year or two ago we were watching Britney have a melt down in the middle of a public glass cage that her fame confined her to.  It was sad to watch such a talented person go to such a dark place in her life.  She has been at the top of the charts, the performer on the tip of everyone’s tongue, a scandal and train wreck, and still lived to sing another day.  THAT is pretty inspiring when you think about it.  To anyone who feels like they are in the gutters of their career or just stalling out in their goals: If Britney can make the comeback she has, you can pretty much do anything.

2.  You Better Work Bitch!

There a Britney song called “Work Bitch” that I have sang along to passively when it comes on, but never really paid attention to until Las Vegas.  “Don’t stop now, just be the champion.  Work hard, like it’s your profession… No time to quit now, just time to get it now…You better work bitch… Now get to work bitch!”  OK, a lot of the B*tch word.  But, in the middle of theatrics and a larger than life performance (and crowd energy to match), I had a Hallelujah moment!  Quit making excuses and feeling entitled, GET IT DONE!  This is a motivational call to the wild for anyone hungry and ambitious for success.  And, via Britney!

3.  Have FUN and Enjoy What You’ve Worked Hard For!

How many hours do you think a Las Vegas performer must practice and prepare to keep up a high-energy 2 hour show night after night?  Yeah… a lot.  You can absolutely love what you do and when you love what you do it shows.  Work hard and perfect your craft in life, but don’t stop there.  Having fun and dancing in the crowd with my fiancé on a random weekend in the Las Vegas oasis was like recharging my batteries.  In the words of Britney, you better work bitch!  BUT, take the time to reward yourself and not work yourself into the ground.  Have fun and enjoy life!

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