12 Fun Facts About Thanksgiving

When someone passes you the cranberry sauce this Thanksgiving, how about you pass a fun fact back!

Here are 12 fun facts about Thanksgiving:

1.  Wild Turkeys can run 20 miles per hour when they’re scared. I would run that fast too if someone was trying to eat me.

2.  Turkeys can have heart attacks. When the US Air Force was conducting tests to break the sound barrier, their tests causes fields of turkeys to drop dead of heart attacks.

3.  Benjamin Franklin wanted the wild turkey to be the national bird, not the bald eagle.

4.  $670 million worth of turkeys are killed for Thanksgiving each year. We are thankful for their delicious sacrifice.  (That is about 46 million turkeys)

5.  One founding father didn’t really like Thanksgiving. Yep, my buddy Thomas Jefferson was quoted saying that the holiday was actually “the most ridiculous idea.”  Maybe he was more of a Christmas man.

6.  Abraham Lincoln declared Thanksgiving, the last Thursday in November, as a holiday in 1863.

7.  Sarah Josepha Hale, the same woman who wrote “Marry Had a Little Lamb” convinced President Lincoln to make Thanksgiving a holiday. She championed the Thanksgiving cause for 17 years before President Lincoln made it official.

8.  President Franklin D. Roosevelt tried to MOVE Thanksgiving! Back in 1939, FDR tried to move Thanksgiving up one week on the calendar in an effort to start the Christmas shopping season early.   (He was trying to help the US economy during the Great Depression)  FDR’s attempt to reschedule Thanksgiving was incredibly unpopular.   In 1939, there were actually 5 Thursdays in November, which caused confusion and the infamously funny “year of 2 Thanksgivings.”

9.  Some of our “traditional” Thanksgiving foods weren’t even served at the first Thanksgiving! Goose, duck, seafood, corn, and pigeon were probably at the first Thanksgiving.  Turkey probably was NOT.

10.  Put a fork in it! There were no forks at the first Thanksgiving. Spoons, knives, and good ol’ hands were about it.

11.  Pilgrims at the first Thanksgiving didn’t wear buckled hats, even if it does look cute in cartoons. Buckles became the in-thing 200 years after the first Thanksgiving.

12.  The Snoopy balloon has appeared more than any other balloon at the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade.

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