The Saddest Giraffe I’ve Ever Seen & A Lesson In Interconnectivity

This afternoon I was reading an article on and came across the saddest giraffe I’ve ever seen.  I should have know what I was in for by clicking on the story since it was titled “Imagine a World Without Giraffes.”  My experience with giraffes is fairly limited, to say the least: a zoo visit here and there, watching planet earth, a giraffe Pillow Pet purchase for the kids of friends, etc.  But, there it was, just after the start of the article… the picture of a crippling sad eye on top of a long and amazing neck.  Nature is pretty awe inspiring, but that sad giraffe was giving me the stare down.

There has been a 36%-40% decline in the giraffe population.  I won’t summarize the article here, but encourage you to give it a quick read.

Here is what you need to know –  There is more to this world than what we see and experience each day.  It is easy not to think about what is happening to a giraffe half way across the world.  But, it is symbolic of something important to everyone regardless of who you are and what you do in life: Everything you do is connected to the world around you, sometimes in ways you’ll see and sometimes in ways you won’t.  Out of sight shouldn’t mean out of mind.

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