Proudly, The Generation of the Side Hustle

We have bills to pay, student debt to mount, and a world we want to experience up–close and with adventure. We aren’t just Millennials, we are a generation of global citizens who live life, but know that money means freedom to be. If you are addicted to blogs like The Penny Hoarder the way I am, there is a “side hustle” at every turn. I grew up in a walk of life where I might be looked down upon for taking a secondary job or earning money on the side. I, like many I know, grew up being told to choose a career path, work hard (or hard enough), and that security falls into place if you follow simple “rules” in life. Rules like going to college, grad school, and/or, in my case, law school. Somewhere as my generation came of age, the world changed and it took me a while to understand that I needed to change to. I judged myself for wanting a side hustle. Then, I owned it.

Money doesn’t buy happiness, but money buys freedom to experience the world around you in a way that can bring happiness. Financial responsibilities are only chains and shackles when they overwhelm us. Financial responsibilities overwhelm 2 kinds of people: 1) people who were irresponsible, not understanding the value of a dollar, and live fast and loose beyond their means, and 2) people who are suffocating because they did what they were conditioned to do and now are struggling in a never ending cycle. I love being part of a different group of people, the rebel geniuses, who: 1) own that life is full of experiences, 2) take their financial responsibilities seriously, 3) take their financial goals seriously, and 4) do what they can, with creativity and cleverness, to enjoy what life has to offer.

We are a breed of side hustlers who want to squeeze a dollar out of a dime, and then spend a cent to experience what the world has to offer us.

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  1. Kenya Imara says:

    Such a great post. Can’t begin to express how much I related when you said “Money doesn’t buy happiness, but money buys freedom to experience the world around you in a way that can bring happiness.” Great post, definitely enjoyed reading this.


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