Don’t Work Harder, Work Smarter

We’ve all had people in our lives tell us that hard work pays off. That is an alternative fact or at least a half truth. Similar to how nice guys tend to finish last, hard work doesn’t always pay off. True, you have to work hard in life. Nothing meaningful comes to the lazy who haphazardly stumble through life. You need to focus and to give effort. HOWEVER, we need to unlearn the lesson that the harder we work the more likely we are to succeed.

How do you unlearn a lesson that has been battered in your head since childhood? Take a few deep breathes and furrow your brows at the REAL lesson – Don’t work harder in life, just work smarter in life. If you work smarter, you will leverage yourself and your resources in the best way to get to your goal. You can, most likely, rattle off a dozen names of people who work their tail off, but never seem to get anywhere. We become hamsters in a wheel without even realizing it. Working smarter doesn’t mean cutting corners, cheating others, or bending our moral fiber. Working smarter is about leveraging what matters and not wasting energy on things that matter less.

Time is precious commodity. Guard it well. Spend it wisely.

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