Life REALLY IS Like a Box of Chocolates, Just Not The Way Forrest Gump Thought

“Life is like a box of choc-o-lates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” That quote is synonymous with the movie Forrest Gump. We can thank Forrest’s momma for sharing that nugget of echoing wisdom. She was onto something, but I think it’s time we edit her a little. Yes, Momma Gump! Life IS like a box of chocolates; BUT, you DO know what you’re going to get. When was the last time you bought a box of chocolates that didn’t have a guide explaining what flavored treats were in various nooks of the box? I apologize to friends and family for years or softly squeezing each chocolate to see if I could find clues to whether I wanted to eat it or not. If someone hadn’t discarded the chocolate box’s guide, my chocolate selection process would have been far easier (and less messy).

In life, we have a more “guides” than we realize. We even have the experience and wisdom of others to help us as we make choices. You may see the description of a coffee liquorish nougat and perhaps the description and picture will sway you to take a big confident bite of that chocolate. You may want to spit out your now ill-sounding choice or leave the other half for an unsuspecting victim, but in the end, even with a “map,” knowing what you are going to get doesn’t mean you know how you’ll feel when you get there.

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