Can Anger Actually Be A Good Thing?

Like wine, almost everything can be good for you in moderation. But, what about anger?

When we think about anger, we often equate it with rage, violence, unhappiness, and negativity.  In our day-to-day, when frustration hits the edge and crosses into anger, our blood pumps a little harder and our heart beats a little quicker. In small doses, anger can be harnessed as a positive force propelling action and change. We don’t want to be angry, but at times a catalyst will make us angry and flat out pissed off.  Good!

I don’t advocate anger issues, but there are types of healthy anger that prompt us to do something better, be better, to change our environment for the better.  Ask yourself these questions the next time you’re angry:
  • What’s pissing me off?
  • What am I actually pissed off about? (different than the question above)
  • What part of this situation do I have the power to change?
  • What should I do now? How?
Motivation is a peculiar beast. It manifests in different and often unexpected ways.  No, every moment of anger isn’t a positive force, but there will be times when you should redirect your anger and let it fuel you to TAKE ACTION and CHANGE LIFE for the better.

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