About The Rebel Genius

The Rebel Genius is dedicated to shaking you out of your comfort zone and focusing on what makes you, as a unique individual, a genius in your own right.

It’s time to realize your potential and embrace your destiny for happiness and success in life.  Why?  Because YOU are a genius and, like most people, you’re wasting that genius by selling yourself short.

We are here to help.  We will push you to be different, confident, and be the person you keep daydreaming about but better.  Time to take your spark and make a real fire.


Photograph by Kyle Meck

We are all geniuses in our own right.  We have a natural gift, perspective, and raw genius that is destined to be recognized.  As the years go on, we tame our inner genius and dilute it because the world around us tells us to do so.

The Rebel Genius is here to help!

We will motivate you and break you through the barriers holding you back, giving you the tools and clarity you need to achieve happiness and success.

You have a rebel genius inside of you that is ready for greatness…

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